Lisa´s Cake Shop was founded in Sept. 2015, but began a long time before. This is when I decided to take this hobby and make it a full-time gig. I had been baking for a couple of restaurants here in town and was the "go-to-gal" whenever anyone needed a cake; all the while I was teaching full-time. When I was suddenly without a teaching post, for the first time in years, I thought, ok, let´s do this. With the help of my husband, family and friends, it all came together.  Blood, sweat and tears through it all, and really not an easy task in a foreign language.  After about 2 years, I really knew what I wanted the shop to be and how to make it work.  I feel like you´re constantly learning in small business.  

I love making cakes and trying new recipes. I love decorating and learning new techniques.  I don´t think of myself as innately artistic, I have to work at it.  But I´m getting better.  I love the look on people´s faces when they see the cakes, and more when they taste them. I have made a lot of mistakes and honestly will probably make a lot more, but I always do my best. This little cake shop is my passion and my family put up with a lot to make it all work.  They´re my greatest gifts.  

As this is a family business we keep all the ingredients seasonal, well sourced and of the highest quality. Everything is hand iced and baked in small batches to really give the essence of home-made goodness.

Made with love. Order something and let me know what you think.